Explore port harcourt city

Port Harcourt was founded by the British Colonial Government in 1913, following the discovery of coal near Enugu, the defunct regional capital of Eastern Nigeria. There was a felt need for a seaport and railway terminus to evacuate coal and engage in land trade that was growing on the Eastern hinterland. Port Harcourt has since attracted a cosmopolitan population made up of many nationalities that relish its cultural diversity and bustling night life.


The discovery of oil at Oloibiri in 1956 in present-day Bayelsa State in the Niger Delta heartland brought accelerated development to the city of Port Harcourt and its environs, making it one of the largest cities in West Africa (Gulf of Guinea). The city is also famous for glass, tyre, brewing, petro-chemicals and liquefied natural gas. Most of the multi-national oil drilling and servicing companies have their offices in Port Harcourt. The city is a gateway to the riverine areas of the Niger Delta, and provides ample opportunities for studies in marine biology, eco-tourism and the life sciences. Port Harcourt can be reached by road and sea from all parts of Nigeria; with daily flights to and from major cities of Nigeria and the world.

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